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Grab & Go Garlands


A professional balloon garland /arch to pick up and take with you, for when you're planning a smaller event, or have a limited budget.

How it works...

1. Choose one or two garlands
Garlands are about 6 feet long each. Two is the most that will fit in a large car (with the back seats down).
2. Select your colours
Pick up to four colours*.
3. Schedule your collection
All garland pickups are on Sunday - Friday between 4.30pm and 7pm, from CV3 6JE.
(Please contact us if you need an alternative time- or your date does not show as available) 
Garlands must be purchased in advance, no walk-in orders.
4. Pickup and Install! 
You will receive hooks, ties and directions when you pick up! Your garland will last all weekend!
*exact shades will be subject to availability

Order here..

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