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How much does a balloon arch cost?

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

This is probably the question we get asked the most, or some variation, so it seemed only right to expand a little here.

Bear with me while I waffle on...

First things first, I think it's important to start by looking at what we mean by "balloon arch".


Balloon arch seems to be the go to word to describe everything and anything air filled, so it's really important that we're on the same page about what you're looking for.

Balloon arches used to mean a classic spiral of perfectly sized balloons shaped in a perfect arch, but the meaning seems to have changed since organic balloon styling became the main focus of Instagram and Pinterest.


I believe that what most people mean when they ask for a balloon arch is something like this.. possibly shaped in an upside down L shape or something like that...

This is what I would describe as an organic balloon garland, but Tomato, Tomaaaato, I guess. (That saying doesn't really work in text format does it 🙃)

The problem is, I still cannot provide you with a quote without knowing more information on what colours, where it's going to be installed; and therefore how it's going to be hung, whether we need to use a frame, where your venue is, etc etc etc... these are all the things I need to know before I can even begin to quote you- which is why it's so important to start by completing my enquiry form.

I promise that all that you will get from filling in my enquiry form is a quote, there's no hidden agenda!

We have created an easy balloon menu to enable you to get a feel for what some of our most popular displays can cost. Check it out here!

Thanks for listening to my ramble! I hope it's helped!

Peace ✌🏼


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